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Whispering Acres
Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)

Reference Bucks

Our past herd sires listed below!!!

Hillcrest Ranch Travolta ~ MGR-B1089

Whispering Acres Levi ~ MGR-B3707

Acres of Fun Chopper ~ MGR-B3703

Whispering Acres Axel ~ MGR-C1757

Pine Acres Dallas ~ MGR-B7238

Shonyo Farms Cougar ~ MGR-B4129

Whispering Acres Ratchet ~ MGR-C5051

Acres Of Fun Brass Knuckles "BK" ~ MGR-C5052

Elkhorn Hill's Big Rowdy Riot ~ MGR-B1358

Whispering Acres Rosie's Sawyer

Yearling Buckling ~ MGR-D0350

Bar T Ranch Flint ~ MGR-B5607

Acres Of Fun Shadow ~ MGR-D0355

Bakken's Farm River Spirit ~ MGR-C4303

OEL Outlaw ~ MGR-C7409

WA Chewey Nugget - aka "Baloo" ~MGR-D0354

Wasn't used here on our farm, but a friend used him on his girls from here...

Whispering Acres Pepper's Yoshi ~ MGR-C8195

Southern Drawl Farms Amarillo ~ MGR-C5127

Buck Creek Trigger - MGR-B8739