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Whispering Acres
Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)

Adult Fainters For Sale



HHF December Frost

White & Black Frosted ~ Blue-eyes ~ Disbudded ~ MGR-D2074

DOB: 12/21/2016 ~ Twin

Pics 4/26 & 6/18/18

Frost had a beautiful single buckling this last spring.

She had an escapee pregnancy. That's why she kidded younger than we prefer.

Had NO PROBLEMS and did it all on her own.

Excellent mother!

< $300 >

Whispering Acres Check's Halo

Moon Spotted ~ Brn-eyed ~ Horned ~ MGR-D1462

DOB: 2/03/17 ~ Twin

This girls going to be a large doe

Pics April & 6/18/18

Can't get any pics of this young lady, because she's always out back hiding from the flies. Even if it's only one!

The black seems to attract the bugs for her and her mom! They both hide all day long.

< $400 >

Whispering Acres Summers Autumn

Moon Spotted ~  Blue-eyes Polled ~ MGR-D1487

DOB: 01/26/2016 ~ Twin

Pics 6/18/18

This young lady had Twins in 2018 (first kidding)...

Both were Heavily Moon Spotted Bucklings.

One of which we have retained.

< $450 >

*** SOLD ***

Tye Dye Acres Chewey

White Black Blue-eyes Horned ~ MGR-C2425

DOB: 04/19/2013 ~ Twin

Pics 6/9/18

Chewy has thrown some very nice kids for us.

Our Cheyenne being one of them!

< $325 >

Whispering Acres Summers June

Moon Spotted - Blue-eyes - Horned - MGR-C5060

DOB: 2/09/2014 ~ Twin

Pics from 6/9/18

June is VERY tame and friendly girl!!!

< $375 in the fall >

< $450 now as potentially bred >

She was with our Moon Spotted Buck ( Amarillo ) from 4/8/18 - 5/13/18.

So she may or may not be bred.

Whispering Acres Pepper's Aurora

Blue - Brn-eyes - Polled - MGR-C2421

DOB: 03/18/2014 ~ Triplet


She's our resident babysitter for all our retained doelings


Pics 6/19/18 & 6/2017

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< $200 >



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