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Whispering Acres
Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)

Moon Spotted Bucks

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Southern Drawl Farm's Amarillo

Black-Moon Spotted ~ Brn-eyes w/blue-eyed lineage ~ Polled ~ MGR-C5127

DOB: 02/04/2015 ~ Twin

Wgt. 4/25/17 112 lbs

Pics 8/7/17

May be ~ AVAILABLE AFTER BREEDING FALL 2017 ~ Inquire if interested!

Sire: Double G Mr. Rhett Butler

Dam: Beaver Tree Farm Southern Sass

Pic 8/7/17

Pic 8/7/17

Bells Goats Cowboy

Moon Spotted ~ Disbudded ~ Blue-eyes ~ MGR-C9128
DOB: 4/27/201
6 ~ Twin
Wgt. 8/6/17 - 100 lbs

Cowboy comes to us from Steve & Sharla @ Bells Goats in Utah...
Not sure of the size he'll be as he is from some mini lines and I have not dealt with them before.... Time will tell. 
We are VERY excited to add him to our breeding program.

Thank you Steve for the opportunity to have some of your wonderful genetics on the farm!!

Sire: Bowden Goat Ranch Diablo
Dam: Bells Goats Gotcha

Whispering Acres Pandora's Tonka
Moon Spotted  T ~ Brown-eyes ~ Polled ~ MGR-D1494

DOB : 3/09/2017

wgt. 11/29/17 76 lbs

Pics 9/16/17

Sire: Bells Goats Cowboy

Dam: Whispering Acres Pandora

Retained Tonka to watch his growth. He was used on 3 Does this breeding season 2017

Whispering Acres Sissy's Sully

Moon Spotted B ~ Blue-eyes Horned MGR-D1495

DOB: 3/10/2017

wgt. 11/29/17 60.14 lbs

Pics 7/18/17

Sire: Bells Goats Cowboy

Dam: Whispering Acres Sissy

Retained Sully to watch his growth. We used him on 1 doe this breeding season 2017...