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Whispering Acres
Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)


Buck Creek Trigger

Red & White, Blue-eyes, Disbudded, MGR-B8739

DOB: 1/22/13 ~ Triplet

Wgt. 5/3/18 ~ 140.6 lbs

Pics 8/7/17

Sire: PGCH B's Barn Eli's Coming

Dam: PGCH Titan Farms Carley

Permanent Grand Champions in his Dam & Sire

His triplet sister Harley is also a Permanent Grand Champion

WP Guapo

White w/Red~ Marble-eyes ~ Horned ~ MGR-Pending

DOB: 12/08/17 ~ Twin

Wgt. 4/23/18 ~ 46.10 lbs

Pics 4/27/18

Not the best pics, but these are all we have right now.

Sire: Buck Creek Axle ( PGCH MGR Lines )

Dam: Buck Creek Camilla ( PGCH MGR Lines )

Liberty Hills Half Horse

Tri-Color ~ Brown-eyes ~ Polled ~ MGR-D1853

DOB: 1/17/17 ~ Single

Wgt. 5/3/18 ~ 102.12 lbs

Sire: Fern Hill Diego (CH in his Dam & Sire lines)

Dam: Black Eyed Peas @ Liberty Hills

Can inquire about his pedigree. We do have more info on him than the registry allows.