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Whispering Acres
Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Raising fainting
(myotonic/wooden leg)

2016 Sold/Retained Kids

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Summer & Amarillo Twin Doelings

DOB: 1/26/16

Whispering Acres Summers Autumn

Doeling ~ Moon Spotted ~ Polled ~ Blue-eyes

Retaining for now!

Whispering Acres Summers "Moon"

Doeling ~ Moon Spotted ?? ~ Polled  ~ Blue/Gold-eyes


Thank you Jim!

June & Rowdy Single Doeling

DOB: 1/30/16

Whispering Acres June's "Marley"

Doeling ~ Black White ~ Disbudded ~ Brown-eyes  ~  Moon Spotting started


Thank you Jim!

Luna & Amarillo Twin Bucklings

DOB: 2/2/16

Whispering Acres Kayos

Buckling ~ Moon Spotted ~ Brn-eyed ~ Polled


Thank you Steve & Family!!!!

This young man will be going to Utah to Bells Goats...

Can't wait to bring home our new buckling!!!

Whispering Acres Luna's ?

Buckling ~ Moon Spotted ~ Brn-eyes ~ Horned


Thank you Bonnie & Roger!!!  This young man will be going to Lazy Creek Acres!

Peanut & Amarillo Twins Doe & Buckling

DOB: 2/5/16

Whispering Acres Peanuts Jelly

We have Peanut or the granddaughter says, "Peanut Butter".  So we thought we needed a Jelly...
Doeling ~ Moon Spotted ~ Brown eyes ~ Polled


Whispering Acres Peanuts Jericho

Buckling ~ Moon Spotted ~ Blue-eyes ~ Polled 


Thank you Sarah!!

Lucky & Ratchet Single Doeling


Whispering Acres Lucky's Rumor

Doeling ~ Moon Spotted  ~ Blue-eyes  ~ Horned


Sissy & Flint Single Doeling

DOB: 2/6/15

Whispering Acres Sissy's Mist

Moon Spotted ~ Br-eyes ~ Polled 

Retained for now!

Pandora & Ratchet Twin Bucklings

DOB: 2/7/16

Whispering Acres Pandora's "Jack Daniels" ~ AKA "JD"

Buckling ~ Peacock Pattern/Moon Spotted genetics ~ Blue-eyes ~



Whispering Acres Pandora's "Oreo"

Buckling ~ Black w/White/Moon spotted genetics ~ Brn-eyes ~ Dis-budded


Thank you Renee & Family!

Charm & BK Twin's Buckling & Doeling


Whispering Acres Charm's "Hope"

Tri-color ~ Blue-eyes ~ Disbudded

We lost her (6 lb) twin brother in a very rough delivery!!! The Dam is a first timer... Hope's ears were froze! -25 that night and wind chills were -40. We tried but just to stinking cold in barn that night!

Thank you Renee & Family!

Moon & Flint Single Buck

DOB: 2/12/2016

Whispering Acres "Goaticus"

Black n White ~ Br-eyes ~ Horned ~ Wethered


Thank you Kasi & Family!

Check & Rowdy Twins Buckling & Doeling

DOB: 2/14/16

Whispering Acres Checks "Ben"

Buckling ~ Horned ~ Br-=eyes ~ Wethered


Thank you Kasi & Family!

Whispering Acres Checks "Sunshine"

Doeling ~ Horned ~ Br-eyes


Aurora & Amarillo Single Doeling

DOB: 2/15/16

We finished our February kidding with this adorable little girl..

Whispering Acres Aurora's "Moonshine"

Doeling ~ Blue w/white  ~ Moon Spotted Genetics ~ Brn-eyes ~ Horned

She actually has the peacock pattern on her also!